2018 Solo & Ensemble

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Congratulations to the following band students that participated in Saturday’s District 9 OMEA Solo and Ensemble event. We received 1 rating of “Good;” 6 ratings of “Excellent;” and 20 ratings of “Superior” for a total of 27 events.

The following students received a rating of Excellent:

Tracy Beale
Maddy Raver
Abbey Denman
Jade White
Stephen Kopcho
Tri-Valley Flute Trio—Hannah Watson, Maddy Raver, Shelby Zimmerman

The following students received a Superior Rating:

Maia Garbrandt
Caley Kildow
James Tolisano
Parker Schehl
Cameron Scott
Frannie Emerson
Emily Hutcheson for Piano and for Saxophone

Braden Harney
Hayley Durant

Tri-Valley Saxophone Quartet—Ashley Knicely, Maia Garbrandt, Emily Hutcheson, Daisy Beale
Alec Blake
Shelby Zimmerman
Bret Mohler

Shelby Engle
Ashley Knicely
Jobin Harney
Noah Krupa
Emilie Maddox

Hayley Settles