High School Solo & Ensemble 2017

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Congratulations to the following band students that participated in Saturday’s District 9 OMEA Solo and Ensemble event. We received 2 ratings of “Good;” 5 ratings of “Excellent;” and 21 ratings of “Superior” for a total of 29 events.

The following students received a rating of Good:
Jacie Howiler
Kalee Williams

The following students received a rating of Excellent:
Kelsey Ray
Nate Shroyer
Hannah Watson
Stephen Kopcho
Alec Blake

The following students received a Superior Rating:
Jade White
Madison Raver
Gabby Mathers
Daisey Beale
Emilie Maddox
Maria Johnson
Ashley Knicely
Emily Hutcheson for Piano and for Saxophone
Bret Mohler
Noah Krupa
Braden Harney
Marcus Tolliver
Sammy Engle
Jocee Janicki
Zane Maddox
Cody Boesman
Shelby Engle
Jobin Harney
Tri-Valley Percussion Ensemble—Devin Fry, Sammy Engle, Ryan Harris, Zane Maddox, Gabby                                                           Mathers, Hannah Watson, Shelby Engle, Ashley Knicely, Emilie                                                       Maddox, Kaylee Williams, Matti Melvin

Tri-Valley Brass Quartet—Maria Johnson, James Tolisano, Zane Maddox, Bret Mohler